Message from ACLU Copy

Message from ACLU

Many of you are aware that in June 2015 the Michigan Legislature passed and Governor Snyder signed into law, a provision that permits faith based adoption and foster care agencies, that have contracts with the State of Michigan to do work on behalf of the state, to refuse to provide services and place children based on “sincerely held religious beliefs.”  In practical terms this means that these agencies can refuse to work with Jewish or Muslim families, refuse to work with atheists, potential parents who were divorced before, and refuse to work with same-sex couples- even when those placements might be in the best interests of the child.  And under the law, the State cannot stop funding these agencies based on their discriminatory practices, as long as they maintain that it because of their religious belief.  This law is problematic and unconstitutional is so many ways, that the ACLU is working on bringing a legal challenge in federal court. We are talking to a lot of different families who were either turned down by a faith based agency or fear being turned by a faith based agency, either to be foster or adoptive parents.  Here’s where we need your help.  We need to identify for LGBT couples who have either been turned down by these agencies or believe that this could happen to them (and of course these couples want to be foster or adoptive parents).  Please help us get the word out and if you know of couples in this situation, please have them contact me.  Thanks, Jay