Marriage Equality in 2015

Michigan is going to the U.S. Supreme Court!
SCOTUS announced that they will hear all marriage cases from the 6th Circuit—including Michigan’s. By summer’s end, we’ll have a definitive answer on the freedom to marry once and for all!

As we enter the final chapter in our journey to win marriage in Michigan and nationwide, it’s more critical than ever that we show the court that our state is ready. So as we gear up for our biggest year for marriage yet,  we need to continue to engage with fellow Michiganders, and make the environment ripe for a marriage victory from coast to coast. Until we secure the freedom to marry in Michigan and nationwide, hundreds of thousands of loving and committed couples will still be denied the critical rights and protections that only marriage can provide. That’s what makes our work so critical, and it’s why we must continue to fight until we win.