California State Board of Education approves LGBTQ inclusive History-Social Studies Framework. Copy

HRC’s Welcoming Schools project applauds the California State Board of Education for unanimously approving LGBTQ inclusive History-Social Studies Framework. Students in the Golden State will now study LGBTQ families, gender roles, prominent LGBTQ Americans and LGBTQ rights milestones in history.

Students will study different topics based upon age. Second graders, for instance, will learn about LGBTQ people while studying families and the world around them and will look at the wide diversity of families in America. HRC’s Welcoming Schools offers lesson plans and book recommendations that meet these new California standards.

In fourth grade, California students will study historical changemakers and the Board of Education’s Framework specifically recommends students learn about Charley Parkhurst. HRC’s Welcoming Schools recommends “Riding Freedom” by Pam Muñoz Ryan, a riveting, fictionalized account of Parkhurst’s life. The book is also featured in Welcoming Schools’ booklist “Books for Students with Gender-Expansive and Transgender Children.”

Welcoming Schools knows how important it is that students are exposed to the full diversity of America, including LGBTQ history and LGBTQ lives, and California is doing just that.

Whether or not you live in California, your students will love all of the educational resources that HRC’s Welcoming Schools as to offer. From ready-to-use lesson plans to must-have books for your classroom, we’ve got you covered.

HRC Welcoming Schools is a comprehensive approach to creating respectful and supportive elementary schools with resources and professional development to embrace family diversity, create LGBTQ-inclusive schools, prevent bias-based bullying and gender stereotyping, and support transgender and gender-expansive students.