Our Events


Come see us at our next meeting on Tuesday, Sept 24th at 7:00 pm | Hope United Church of Christ

We will have our support/sharing portion from 7:00 to 8:00 as usual. Our guest speaker will be Katie Hardy, founder of the group Six Feet Over, a non-profit dedicated to helping the bereaved cope in the wake of a loved one’s suicide.  The group guides people through the grieving process, helps fund funerals and pays for the cleanup of suicide scenes.  Those who lose someone to suicide are more likely to commit suicide, even if they don’t suffer from mental illness.  Six Feet Over and Suck It Suicide, which raises money for Six Feet Over, also offer financial assistance to make up for unpaid time off work taken to arrange funerals and deal with the loss. These are things that could affect the rest of people’s lives in a lot of ways, so to help them heal and do it without worry is important.  The group has also started providing support to high school kids who lose a friend by setting up an off-campus safe space where kids can go to grieve.  Hardy said that’s a sensitive situation that schools typically aren’t equipped to handle, it gives the kids time and the opportunity to grieve and get a better understanding of where they’re at.


 More to come…